TTC® Training
6 - 8 september VOL
15 - 17 november VOL
10 - 12 januari (Enkele plekken beschikbaar)
ITB® Opleiding
13 - 14 juli & 3 - 4 augustus VOL
19 - 20 oktober & 9 - 10 november (3 plekken)
25 - 26 januari & 8 - 9 februari


Talking To the Chakra's Facilitator Training

What does this training involve?

During this training you will learn to work with body, mind and soul. You learn to look for blockages at the source and to release them.
This will bring about real change in the lives of clients who have lost control somewhere along their path.
You will also learn where the cause of trauma lies, so that you can give it back to your client.

You help to remind the body of its self-healing ability and that there may be a balance between mind and heart. During this training, the chakras as well as hormones, vertebrae, organs, muscles, glands, joints and emotions are discussed. The training provides deepening, knowledge and wisdom.

During the three-day course you will also experience it yourself and go through the necessary processes, so that you have a good foundation in yourself. You don't have to have a gift to participate, anyone can learn it. We mainly work practically, so you will practice right away and then you can immediately start giving sessions at home!

Pepita works authentically, down-to-earth and with humor, she always tunes in to the group. This training takes you personally further in your own process and enables you to help others with TTC, with confidence in your own intuition.

What will you learn during the 3 day TTC training?

+ Balancing the chakras

+ Opening cosmic portals

+ How to guide someone well

+ Activation of the self-healing capacity

+ Hands-on techniques for working with energy

+ How to resolve trauma without reliving it

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for physiotherapists, trainers, coaches, energy workers, cuppers, masseurs, bodyworkers and therapists, among others. But the training is also very accessible without a therapeutic background, for example for parents who want to treat their children. We have already had wonderful experiences with this!

This training includes:

+ Vegetarian lunch

+ A reader as a reference book

+ 1 year Huddle access for questions

+ Certificate & mention to facilitators

+ Fantastic guidance and great colleagues


1333,-- excl VAT

As from the 1st of Januari the price will be € 1555 excl VAT

It can be done on request in 3 instalments)

The invoice will be sent 2 weeks before the training

Nieuwkerk 19, 2382 Poppel

You can spend the night at the Klooster Nieuwkerk Goirle, which is 2 minutes drive.

Het klooster | Klooster Nieuwkerk Goirle


Day 1 from 11:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Day 2 & 3 from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Other info:

Everything is there during the training, so you only need to bring comfortable clothes, warm socks and a blanket (working with energy can make you cold). To give sessions after the course, it is useful to order a treatment table in advance.

Do you still have questions about the training after reading this info? Please contact Laura at 06-28208605.